Frequently asked questions

How does adivaisor AI work?

Can a machine really find problematic customer communication?

Yes. advaisor AI models are trained to distinguish between customer friendly language and language that should not be used in customer communication. These models are trained by millions of sentences and learned the language patterns that lead to customer friendly or unfriendly language.

Will a machine ever be as sophisticated as a human corrector?

Machines can spot a larger percentage of errors or poor customer communication. There are a few exceptions which machines can't correctly classify (yet). These are usually expressions that require context knowledge e.g. jokes or sarcasm.

Do new employees still need to learn our internal language guide when using advaisor?

No. New employees have an easier way of learning your specific communication style. advaisor suggests in real-time better or more appropriate ways to bring a message across, while the employee is typing. That way, new joiners learn your specific communication style on the go and don’t need to learn language guides by heart.

What quality issues can an AI spot?

Natural Language Processing is a technique powered by Neural Networks that can spot all sorts of quality issues in communication: offensive language, wrong tonality, too complex language, formatting errors, wrong brand-voice etc.

How does AI know what to suggest?

advaisor AI models are configured to search for patterns in language that are not optimal and are configured to offer a variety of better replacement options. Over time, AI models learn what suggestions are often adopted, and infer that these are better suited.

Communication templates

Why is it so important to have excellent templates?

Templates make operations more efficient, but also have a great leverage effect because they are used over and over again. Therefore, templates must always be of the highest quality.

How quickly can you make 100 templates more customer-friendly?

It takes a few seconds to check 100 templates for quality. Confirmed 100 poor-quality templates can be significantly improved in only 1-3 hours using advaisor.

How much time do snippets and templates save?

Using snippets and templates is about 3-15 times faster than writing a text from scratch. With 1'000 replies per year this can mean an AHT (Average Handling Time) reduction of 1-5%.

Continuous quality control

How does a quality control software work?

In customer communication, an automated quality control is performed to show agents passages, sentences or words that are not well suited for client communication. Quality control systems, suggest improvements for these cases.

Can quality control applications replace more than just words?

Yes, quality control applications help the author improve words, phrasing, sentence complexity, tonality, jargon, comprehensibility and other dimensions.

How does a quality control system influence service quality?

No-Go’s in customer communication are eliminated more efficiently, saving experienced agents and the team leader time and reduce subsequent complaints. This reduces the average handling time (AHT) and improves first contact resolution (FCR) and NPS scores.

Why do language guides even exist? Should people not communicate freely?

Language guides do not limit people’s freedom but rather set certain brand and style related standards and give communicators «best-practice» examples. Furthermore, templates increase the speed and efficiency of customer service teams.

What dimension do digital language guides cover?

Language guides cover brand voice topics such as: how is our brand supposed to sound. Is it formal, positive, simple or scientific. It also covers format related topics (use of special characters, numbers, currencies) and Do’s and Don’ts such as offensive language or use of smileys in client communication.

Do people even use style guides?

New employees need support and a style guide is a good reference. However, it must be made very easy for employees to align communication to a company style guide.

How can a system provide relevant, in context tips?

Tips must be relevant, to be considered by agents. Therefore, tips are preloaded into the system and are displayed in the case of a mistake, like in a spell-checker.

How are agents able to learn from a spell-checker?

Being made aware of mistakes and getting correct suggestions in context repeatedly provide micro-learnings for agents.

How do agents perceive quality control systems?

Agents gain self confidence in their client communication. Making errors when communicating with an important customer can in the worst-case cost someone their job. Agents are therefore relieved to have a system supporting them.

General questions

How do I reduce follow-up requests or complaints?

To reduce follow-up requests or complaints, processes and employees must be focused on quality. Customer service departments must ensure a high quality standard and mistakes when dealing with customers must be corrected pre-emptively.

How do I increase the quality of our customer service?

Quality controls must be built into the process and must be effective. Quality must not depend on external factors, such as the daily form of agents or the availability of a colleague for a 4-eye review.

How does the advaisor customer communication software work?

Agents get real time feedback from the software and get advice on how to make their communication more customer friendly.

What happens when we work together?

You will get access to the advaisor communication platform app.advaisor.io where you can customize your own digital style guide. In the platform, you can set your own quality standards and the channels you want these to apply to. advaisor then makes sure that the quality in these channels is kept above the levels you've specified.

Is this suitable for my company?

Yes, the software is designed specifically for customer service across industries. The app can be configured easily to cover industry-specific language, brand voice and tonality.

How long does it take to install advaisor?

advaisor is up and running within a few minutes. There is no need to install the tool, as it is a web-based service. All you need to do is to login in at app.advaisor.io using the login details that you've received from advaisor after a successful purchase.

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